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There are plenty of speakers and consultants who can talk at you, build fancy presentations - and abandon you at crunch time.

I work with you to reach your next milestone.
Hands-on, structured, sophisticated consulting.
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Organizational Development
For organizations, managers and teams who want to upgrade their performance.
Career Management

For ambitious professionals who want to make progress
in their careers.
and Lectures

For teams, fellowships and groups who want to experiment with mind-blowing ideas and techniques.
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"I found myself at a crossroads
but Avy's exercises helped me focus my intentions
and redirect myself in a way that I was very happy with."


Make organizations work.

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Tough reorganization, poor teamwork, or underwhelming performance - we can work together to understand your challenge and tackle it together.

I'll give you the tools you need for the progress you want to make - no excuses, no fluffy conversations.

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Make professionals advance.

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I have worked with hundreds of young professionals to help them make progress in their career.

My pragmatic approach will provide you with the clarity you need to make accurate decisions and pursue the career path which suits you the best.

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Make humans go a-ha

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Thousands of professionals have already attended my workshops, online and in real life.
They are inspiring, practical, innovative, and they can provide you and your team with the resources you need to work at your full potential.


Here are some of the most successful workshops that I have run in the past few years.


Professional Explorers

Gone are the days when climbing the corporate ladder was the only ambition for most professionals.
Whether you are aiming at wealth, status, meaning or something else, you need a framework to understand how you can lead your professional experience to the right direction.

We'll reframe your individual professional journey through phases of exploration, reflection and integration. We'll see how those drive great decision making and bold performances. We'll set you up for a great career.

Professional Assets Inventory

What makes you a valuable employee, manager or provider?
What makes you 15% better than most of the people of your age and in your field?

The workshop leads the participants to understand once and for all what they are worth - their skills, network, expertise - and how they can give 100% to their work.

A Voyage into Chaos

What can we learn from science, cultures and the economy to find a direction in modern society?

A messy and provocative workshop to help professionals who desire to turn the struggle of dealing with the chaos of modern routines and markets in a productive, purposeful journey.

Time Goes By So Slowly?

There’s no such thing as time management.
We manage our tasks, our schedule, our energies.
We struggle to control our attention and to get things done.

The workshop introduces a range of techniques and hacks for a more productive and less stressful routine.

The Ultimate Workplan

Organizations invest money, human resources, time and energies in projects which can often be ineffective and turn unproductive.
I gathered techniques from the entrepreneurial culture and selected the most innovative organizational development approaches to design the ultimate work plan template. It's realistic, leads to processes running smoothly and promotes creative thinking.
You'll thank me later.

Make Humans Learn

Adults do not learn by listening. Still, we usually train teams by throwing information at them.

Training is a science and an art. If you want to grow your capacities, or you want to train your team to perform better, you should design the learning process so that it focuses on intense, practical and creative problem solving.

Let me show you how it's done.

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I help thousands of professionals work better. Care to join us?


I experiment with ideas and resources at the nexus of productive work, career decisions and professional development.

I e-mail the best of them in my report, Masters of Babel, once every few weeks.

Leave your e-mail here below or you'll miss the upcoming report!

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