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Image by Marcus Woodbridge

The Map of Chaos

Most of the professionals I have worked with felt confused, frustrated or overwhelmed by their day-to-day work.

We live in chaotic times, and we need help in order to evolve into the more effective version of ourselves. We need ideas, resources and approaches that can help us navigate organizational chaos with sensei-like mastery. 

Please accept this gift: a living guide with 21 resources and insights to bring some clarity and order to your work experience.

The Map of Chaos includes:

  • Essentials: the 10 best apps for your everyday work. The perfect stack for the efficient professional.

  • Virtuosos: my recommendations for the top six innovative thought-leaders worth learning from.

  • The most important partFundamentals. 5 countercultural frameworks that will revolutionize the way you think about your work. Guaranteed.

The Map of Chaos is the companion you need.

It's my collection of top-rated tools and best-kept secrets for knowledge professionals who want to get excellent work done. 

The map of Chaos is finally out. Get it now, for free.

Also, it's a living guide. You get access to it once, and it keeps on updating with new insights and resources.

Image by Samuel Scrimshaw
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